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SmartShow is so easy, no training is necessary. You can show a home to anyone, anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With real-time communication, what one buyer sees everyone sees, and everyone can discuss. It’s like your remote buyers are right there in the room with your local buyer, and you. All you need is a pair of SmartGlasses, or a smartphone.

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"Showing a home with SmartShow is easy, fun and saves time - both for myself, and for my overseas buyers."

Jim Titus, Homelife Benchmark Titus Realty

Participate in a showing


Participate in a showing from anywhere

Your remote buyers can be anywhere in the world during a SmartShow home showing. Save them the cost of multiple plane tickets, or the headache of scrolling through photos that only tell half the story, and start using SmartShow today.



Real-time audio & video

Using the latest in real-time communications (RTC) technology, SmartShow allows your remote buyers to communicate with each other and you in real-time. It feels like everyone is standing in the same room together, no matter the true distance between you.


Street map of Vancouver


Playback features: street maps, 360° view & topography

After the showing, take advantage of our many playback features, including street maps that highlight points of interest like schools and parks. There's also a 360 street view, and a video of the showing that your buyers can re-watch anytime, or share with their friends.

Real estate agencies love SmartShow.

Showing a home to a group of buyers at the same time means your sales cycle becomes shorter, resulting in more homes sold in less time. Supercharge your team's sales today with our special SmartShow agency plans.




For the same price as that cookie platter you bought for your last open house, you can show a home with SmartShow, the latest in real estate technology. We have two different plans - one for independent realtors, and one for agencies and teams.


For a single showing


per showing


Easy monthly billing

Teams of 3 or more receive 15% off per user!


per month

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